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About retreives public ammo prices daily from Canadian online retailers to aid in showing the best deals available.
Prices are updated throughout the day.
No ammo is sold through this site, it only links to retailer's product page.

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As of June 15, 2017, has been entirely funded out of pocket. It does not receive any kick backs from any retailer listed on this site. Additionally, does not use any client side analytics or tracking software or external libraries. All site statistics are collected from nginx server logs (ie: what your browser sends when it requests a page) and by using url redirection to track clicks to vendors.

Supported Retailers

Triggers & Bows
Al Flaherty's
Dante Sports
Calgary Shooting Center
Siwash Sports
Al Simmons
Soley Outdoors
WASP Munitions
Durham Outdoors
The Shooting Edge
Rangeview Sports
North Pro Sports
Canadian GunHub
The Gun Dealer
Wolverine Supplies
Firearms Outlet Canada
Wild West
The Ammo Source
Gothic Line Armoury
Trade Ex Canada
Lever Arms
Hirsch Precision
Jo Brook Outdoors
Northern Elite Firearms
Canada Ammo
Xmetal Targets
Tiger Arms
Budget Shooter Supply
Great North Precision
Bulls Eye London
Vancouver Gun Store
Bartons Big Country
Tillsonburg Gun Shop
Canadian Tire
Frontier Firearms
NAS Guns & Ammo
Rusty Wood
BV Outdoor Essentials
Western Metal
Lanz Shooting Supplies
Mag Dump
West Coast Hunting Supplies
Reliable Gun

more to come...